Go ahead, go out as you require 
But don’t set the streets on fire
With your striking abaya,
Lighting in man his desire.  

Sure, dress to impress

Just make sure He thinks you look “best!”

Cuz if He is impressed,

You’ve got no need to stress.


Who you trying to fool?

You know you dressed up to make ‘em drool

But for what, I just don’t get

Have you no self-respect?


You’re more precious than gold,

Yet you go out bright and bold,

Selling yourself for a small price,

I never knew you put your beauty out as sacrifice.


Don’t you understand, these boys

Just think of you as toys.

I’m not talking about real men

Who don’t fall for your cheap attraction,

But honour you and lower their eyes,

Because they seek only Allah’s prize.


So you throw aside Divine fashion,

And you still expect some protection?

Girl, you’ve got guts,

To break Allah’s Trust.



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