Hold On

Hold On

Every day I fear

To hear someone’s shed another tear

All the fighting and the crying,

All the complaining- it’s really draining.


Oh coolness of my eyes, why do your words burn?

It feels as if the world’s been overturned.

What would it take to see your smile?

I know life’s hard, but it’s only for a while.


I would love to erase all the pain

And drain the discontent from every vein.

It’s hard to smooth the cracks,

But please try to relax.


I hope before we part

And permanently depart,

We thank the Most Bountiful for all that He gave,

So that on the Day we may be saved.

Surely His Blessings are plentiful,

And truly successful are the thankful.

Don’t be disheartened,

Not the very least downtrodden


Because inshaa’Allah through forgiveness and sacrifice,

We’ll be reunited in Paradise.



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