Mind Games

 Mind Games


Can’t believe it’s so disgusting, 

How you’re always turning around and twisting

Going back on your words, I’m regretting

All those times that I spent just sharing.


Don’t act, don’t lie, don’t fake it

Spare the world, just save it.

This life ain’t nothing like showbiz,

The sooner you realise you’ll focus.


You could’ve saved all the heartache,

And spared the little ones of the heartbreak

But no you just had to manipulate,

Toy with our minds and formulate.


Truth hurts, I know.

To the head you’d rather take a blow.

But lies burn too deep,

Don’t be fooled by your conceit.


Why can’t you just be frank?

Say it to the face point blanc.

Why do you make it so hard to love you?

But I still can’t bring myself to say I hate you.


After the Bridge I don’t wanna do no trading

My deeds are mine, I ain’t sharing.

So I’ll just shut up and try to heal

Cuz I know this life’s not real.


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