A Joke

A Joke

What Ummah?

Please help me understand these apparent phenomena.

You talk about unity and imminent victory,

Yet I just can’t see how we could even be

One big family.


Children got the audacity,

To treat their parents with hostility.

Parents don’t wanna be their kids’ best friends anymore,

Just lending a listening ear has become a chore.


You don’t know how to behave with your family,

The home’s far from peace and serenity.

Strangers get your best personality,

How I wish you didn’t know my identity.


Allah said victory for the true believers,

Remember we’re only beliebers?

Hearts rotting under all this waste,

Do you think on the Day we’d be allowed to prostrate?


Claiming to be from the best generation,

Honestly, I don’t think we deserve such veneration.

Yeah no one’s actually good enough for Jannah,

But do we even qualify for any of His rahmah?


What unity?

All I see is disunity.



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