Inventions in the Kitchen…


Thought we’d just share some pics of the things we experiment with in the kitchen.



Lemon curd cheesecake. Love cheesecake…



Can’t really remember, i think it was some peach cake thing.


EPIC FAIL EGGPLANT VEGGIE. I ruined it…too much soya sauce.



20131130_172806 20131130_173945

This is a quick fix apple tart. Really yummy with homemade custard Alhamdulillah.


I think these are the banana crumb muffins we made.


20131203_192954 20131203_194355


Our first attempt at making angel food cake. Inside is pink strawberry custard. Alhamdulillah it was good, though the cake tasted a bit like bread 😀

20131204_120814 20131204_120933

T made this. Artistic trifle.


20131208_153853 IMG-20131209-WA0002

Triple layer peanut butter chocolate cake…not for the faint-hearted. The layers messed up a bit 😛



These are pumpkin blondies, if you’re a pumpkin pie lover you’ll love this.


Empty-your-mum’s-cupboard chicken. It was weird. I think it was the corn.



Fig Cookie Bars



Banana Cake…a friend is eating it with ice-cream.





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