“Muslim” Mangoes


Here are some pics of the decoration in an Islamic kindergarten here. The classroom had to have a fruit and a quality as the theme, so for this classroom, it was “modest mangoes”. Check out the different mango people…


20131224_070116 20131224_070124

Here are two mangoes in full khimar



Mango in baju kurung (a Malay tradition dress)


20131224_070154 20131224_070203 20131224_070216

Ok, so we wanted to have a little fun so we decided to give some of the mangoes real-life personalities. We really mean no disrespect, actually because we love these scholars and teacher so much for the sake of Allah, we wanted to name the mangoes after them. The one that’s dressed like an Arab is the mango version of our beloved Sheikh Ahmad Musa Jibril. The next two mangoes are regular local mango brothers.

20131224_070235 20131224_070300

These are mango madrasah kids.

20131224_070340 20131224_070401 20131224_070415

Haha the first is Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan in mango version! The next one is our bhai from our native country πŸ˜› The next one is another local mango person.

20131224_070438 20131224_070515 20131224_070537

Other cultures and faiths also had to be reflected. So the first mango in green’s a sister from India, the next is another local mango and the last is a kid mango in regular jeans and t-shirt.

20131224_07062920131224_070653 20131224_070702

Here’s another Sheikh Ahmad! Next is a sister from China, and next is a mango in an abaya.

20131224_070737 20131224_070756 20131224_070818


We present to you the modern hijabi. Next is a mango in full khimar. And lastly is a mango brother in a panjabi suit and pagri.

Check out how they look on the walls of the classroom on our twitter page under pics and videos inshaa’Allah (@NuggetsofWizdum). Not sure why I can’t upload them here.

Hope you guys had some laughs πŸ™‚



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