The Real Superstars



First name Khawlah, last name Azwar.

How many of us know anything about her?

May Allah bepleased with her,

She was a warrior.


Dressed up in armour, no one even knew her.

Thought she was their leader

The fighter of all fighters

Khalid bin Waleed, as she took down the oppressors.

All of those who faced her.


Alone on her horse, she charged at the enemy

No fear, no mercy.

She fought them in the 20s,

Slew them in the 30s.


A woman of might, yet a woman of dignity.

Taught men how to fight, while keepin her modesty.

A women of toughness, yet a woman of shyness.

The warrior behind the veil,

The Romans went all pale

As Allah brought victory, through her we made history.


Though I guess we don’t really care, I mean our standards have fallen.

Now taking as role models Mr and Mrs Cullen.

Oh yeah, that’s last generation, now it’s stupid One Direction.

Help me understand, cuz I really don’t get it

When all they sing about is using you, you can sing along and enjoy it?

Go ahead deny, act all oblivious,

But don’t blame me for stating the obvious.


We’re the backbone, cornerstone of this nation.

The great men’s support and education.

From the Prophets to the scholars,

From the fighters to the martyrs.

It was their mums and their sisters,

Their wives and their daughters.

Full of wisdom and honour,

Women of true power.


Who you trying to fool?

You know you dressed up to make ‘em drool.

With your tight jeans, short shirts, bare arms,

Bare feet, perfume, Revlon.

You wear scarves meant for dwarves

Huge glasses with no lenses.

I just hope you’ll reflect,

Regain your self-respect.


Haven’t you read the Qur’an? Allah declares your beauty.

You need His creation to check you out to feel worthy?

No we’re not wearing these cuz the men can’t lower their eyes,

Rather it’s to earn the ultimate prize:

The love of Allah-

Something no one can ever offer ya.


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