CODE RED: Calling All Muslims

CODE RED: Calling All Muslims

Listen up, there’s a new kid on the block.

It’s a matter of life and death, so please stop your talk.

State of emergency

Stop this insurgency.

No we can’t delay, we can’t hit replay,

So please listen to what I’m about to say.

The 21st century Muslim‘s arrived.

Normally I try to be nice, but no way am I gonna connive.

Not gonna go for no house-warming party,

Open your eyes, recognise the enemy.

‘Hey man, slow down, husnudh-dhon- it’s fine!

No, not this time, cuz he’s crossed the line.

History’s repeating itself, go on and check it yourself.

A single blasphemous statement, lead to our near bereavement.

Still tryin’a get the Shia to wake up and give up all their antics,

Still tryin’a smoke out superstitions put in place by all the mystics.

Trust me, this guy’s gonna put our efforts to waste.

The Ummah’s at stake, we have to make haste.

Qur’an came to clean up our acts,

Pull us away from the evil that distracts.

Remind us that God is One,

What He says is to be done.

Top priority– ain’t no conformity,

To anyone besides the One True Deity.

The 21st century Muslim‘s on a mission.

To blur our vision, leave us wondering in confusion.

“Loosen up, let things slide, don’t you want the government on your side?

Vote, take up the loan, don’t groan, work to the bone.

What Hereafter? The Dunya’s what you should be after.


Don’t worry, there’s definitely some mufti,

In a far away place, perhaps in outer space.

No, I don’t know his name, designation, qualification or location,

But he said: ‘Times are tough, it’s OK to take your hijab off.

You need to get educated, it’s alright to be partially naked.

Take off that niqab, it’s not even part of the hijab.

Tighten your clothes, take off those baggy robes.

Shave the hair on your face, or at least trim it up to taste.

Take that interest, it’s in your best interest!

Music is fine, go and sing and dance into the night.

It’s alright to innovate, cuz as the Salaf we’re not as great.

‘كل ضلالة في النار؟’* – Shh!! We don’t mention that on the minbar!

(*transliterated: kullu dolaalatin fin-naar. Meaning: every misguidance (innovation) is in the fire. It is taken from the khutbatul haajah that the Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه و سلم used to say before he made a speech.)


No need to open the Qur’an, or books of the imams.

No need to verify, just follow me, I’ll be your guide.

I’ve got great ancestry, though I don’t have proof for my family tree.

Nevertheless, my self-proclaimed authority gives me near divinity.

So I say a madhhab you must have, or arrogance is what you’ll have.

How dare you question me your teacher, aren’t you a true believer?’

path of those who died

So you see, it’s all good, just live the Deen under the hood.

The religion is easy! There’s no need to feel uneasy.

All these rules were for the past, times have changed and now we’re moving really fast.

Come on, the rules that we are bending, doesn’t equal disobeying!

Don’t be a najdi or wahhabi.

Allah and Islam is in my heart, and that’s the important part!”

If you wanna follow him and the wishy-washy mufti,

Go ahead, you have all the liberty,

But don’t you dare have the audacity,

To claim it’s Islam from God Almighty.

Islam is one,

It has never been undone.

The Straight Path is still crystal clear,

Ask for guidance, hit the books, then we’ll know where we should steer.

Come face to face with the pure Tawheed,

Submission to Him is what we need.


Time to drain that sell-out mentality,

And come back to reality.

The disease has spread, it’s time we take some meds.

The Judgement’s about to start,

Before that we may depart,

Are we ready? Cuz I don’t think we’ve played our part.


How can we shut up and go on without a thought,

When they’re being thrown in jail, locked up, left to rot;

Our scholars and our teachers,

Our brothers and our sisters-

Innocent lives, the media lies,

Slandering, torturing because for the Deen is what they strive.

media truth

So after all of this injustice, we’re just gonna sit up on the fence?

Start your engines, it’s time to come to their defence.

Dear Islamophobes, no we’re not calling for war to tear down all your homes.

Rather it’s to fight for all the rights, that the government claims to so provide.

Stop the oppression, help the accused, expose the underhand abuse.

Standing up for the truth is what we do, cuz in Islam that’s what we’re taught to do.


No there’s nothing special about us cuz He can bring a nation better than us,

Who’ll uphold and fulfill the trust.

With or without us His Deen will prevail,

It’s up to us if we wanna board the ship before it sets sail.

So if in His Eyes we want to be worthy,

Wake up, O Muslims. It’s time to unite as one body.


“…If He wills, He can do away with you and produce a new creation. And that is not difficult for Allah.”  14:19-20

The Prophet صلى الله عليه و سلم said, “…Whoever lives among you will see many differences, so beware of newly invented matters for they are misguidance. Whoever sees them must adhere to my tradition and the tradition of the upright, guided successors. Bite onto it with your back teeth.”

~Source: Sahih Sunan At-Tirmidhi 2676

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