At first glance it can be unsettling,

But with a little courage and logical reasoning,

Give a listen, perhaps it’s not that perturbing.


Surrounded by deceit, it’s hard for the truth to come by.

Constantly distracted, fed with ideas that belie,

Belied entire nations so we forgot to ask why,

Why we are here, where we are going, and who gave them the right to falsify?

Is there no need to verify?


This is a humble invitation to consider the situation.

Some things we’ve learnt, to keep it to ourselves seems like oppression.

With all sincerity, we hope that this could shed some light,

As we question the world order and try to gain some foresight.


No, we’re not into baseless, feel-good fluff.

We too, don’t entertain those who bluff.

With a conscious mind and a sincere heart,

Give this a chance, cuz no one knows when they’ll depart.


Sounds kind of morbid, but we’re merely being rational.

Denying or ignoring the inevitable would be irrational.

This could be uncomfortable to listen to initially,

But we owe it to ourselves to know definitively,

If what we know is really the reality.




This is a poem that we came up with to put as an introduction to a CD that we give Muslims and those who aren’t alike, that talks about what Islam is really about. During a time when unfortunately majority of the air time is given to slanderous accounts of Islam, this is our effort to shed some light on the message that was sent throughout time from the Creator of the heavens and the earth; Islam, which is just Arabic for submission, submission to the Creator.

Life is short, and I totally agree with the term “YOLO” that people use nowadays. Yes we only live once and we’re all headed towards the inevitable: death. All the more reason to spend the limited time we have left to ensure we really know about what we are doing here, where we are going, and if what we know is really the reality.

You can check out the post “Da’wah CD Suggestions” to take a look at some of the lectures and talks that we share with our friends and families about Islam.




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