Chocolate Cauliflower Cake

Assalamu’alaikum 🙂


Among the many victories, there surely are a few failures.

I consider something a fail according to this criteria:

1. More than 1 person does not eat it
2. Negative comments are made
3. Persistent negative comments are made
4. Eaters doubt my future baking experiments

So yes, this one has failed. But I take part of the blame.

One fine sunday morning while everyone was asleep, I began my cauliflower experiment. Using Chocolate Covered Katie’s recipe as a guide, I started mixing the ingredients.

**sounds of the bedroom fan turning off and the bathroom light turning on**

I panicked! Who has woken up? I must hide the evidence of the cauliflower otherwise they are not even going to try this! I hacked away at the cauliflower, dumped it in the processor, flicked the switch and rushed to clean up the raw cauliflower crumbles, chopping board and knife.

Just then, F walks in to the kitchen, groggily Alhamdulillah.


‘what are you making?’

‘err…eggless chocolate cake, it’s healthy.’

‘what are u blending?’

‘…the wet ingredients.’

‘wah why?’

‘cuz the person said so.’

‘and you’re following her instructions?’


She walked off to eat her breakfast. In my head I let go a sigh of relief and quickly finished up baking.

I admit, there was an odd smell while baking. I take the blame because I think I may have put in a little too much cauliflower during my frenzy, and perhaps didn’t blend it long enough till it was a smooth paste, so when u bite into it, you could see tiny white specks.

I told F and S later what was inside it. They were 😲 and said they knew there was something weird with it.

The negativities didn’t end. After a day or two in the fridge the smell of the cauliflower apparently got more apparent. If i was the one who didnt know there was cauliflower in it, I would’ve thought that maybe too much vanilla fell in and that cheap chocolate was used.

But that’s me and my supposedly weak nose.

We didn’t tell T that there was cauliflower in it, and Alhamdulillah she kept eating it and actually thought it was nice.

So the cake was finished by T & I.

Would I make it again? Maybe if I have nothing to do and have a rotting cauliflower in the fridge.

I’ll put a lot less cauliflower though.




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