No-Machine Mango Ice Cream

Assalamu’alaikum 🙂


S had bought lots of mangoes from the store a couple of days ago. We love mangoes, and our top 3 mango nationalities in order are Bangladeshi, Australian and Indian.

The mangoes she bought were from India, but unfortunately, they were really sour, watery or tasteless. We attempted to eat them normally, but it was difficult. Not exactly mango season yet.

We used 2 mangoes for making lassi (an indian yogurt drink), but had 3 left. So I made ice cream.

Alhamdulillah this was the most successful frozen fruit concoction we ever made; volume, texture and taste wise.

I owe it to the type of cream I used as well as the technique.


3 large mangoes
1 (14oz) can sweetened condensed milk (i used low fat)
500ml (2 cups) thickened cream (Australian brand of whipping cream)
Drops of yellow food colour if your mangoes were kind of albino like mine


Cut the mango, scoop and scrape out all the flesh into a food processor. Catch all the juice- waste not 😀 Process till a smooth puree.

Whip up the thickened cream till medium peaks. Add in the condensed milk and whip till almost stiff.

Add in the puree and beat till well incorporated. Add food colouring if desired.

Pour into a large container, leaving room for beating later. Freeze.

After an hour remove from the fridge, scrape the sides well and beat till smooth again. Refreeze for another hour. Repeat this another 3 times. This helps prevent ice crystals from forming, since we’re not using an ice cream machine.

If your freezer is super cold like mine, leave out your ice cream tub uncovered for 10min, to allow you to scoop out the ice cream and serve.





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