UPDATE: Molten Chocolate Peanut Butter Caramel Cupcakes

Assalamu’alaikum 🙂

In case you had an inkling of doubt in your minds about the molten chocolate peanut butter caramel cupcake recipe I posted earlier, I made another batch, and watched the timing closely this time…


Bake them for 8-9 minutes, it could vary slightly for your oven. Basically, you take them out when the top is mostly done, but you can still see that the middle is still kind of wet. If you shake the tray, the middles will wobble. You may even see a drop or two of the wet batter on top, which is fine, the residual heat will take care of it.

Remove from the oven and wait 5-10 minutes before handling them, remove them from the tray and cool completely on a wire rack before frosting them as I mentioned in the earlier post.

When they cool, they’ll form little wells in their centres…more room for frosting 😍


Yes, I tried a rose shape with the open star tip today 🙂



Can u see it? The molten part is near the top of the pic. 😍

I managed to get 15 identically sized cupcakes out of the batter.

I really hope you guys try it 🙂




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